LA Magazine launches new drinking blog, Liquid L.A.

Photography by Caroline on Crack

Photo by Caroline on Crack

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop once and while and have a drink, you could miss it. Is what Ferris Bueller would have said if he had been just a bit older. But it’s TRUTH. And there has never been a more exciting time to drink in Los Angeles. From exciting new cocktail programs, micro breweries, great restaurants with amazing wine lists, and of course #CraftWineLA.

LA Mag has recently announced a blog dedicated to just that, the timeless drink. The best of “L.A. drinking culture on a daily basis—cocktails, beer, wine, and all the good stuff in between.” The blog is helmed by fellow blogger and cocktail specialist Caroline on Crack covering all things cocktails, beer expert Randy Clemens covering beer, and a various list of guest posts from wine shop owners and top-notch sommeliers covering the wine beat.

The first few wine topics cover everything from five wineries in Santa Barbara you need to try now to Mexican small production wine makers. We’re excited to have this new local LA resource to read about the exciting things happening to the wine culture in Los Angeles!


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