10306940_10152359277009356_1227289474_nWhat is #CraftWineLA?
#CraftWineLA is a crowd funding campaign to bring the craft wine movement to Los Angeles. With the hope to bring together others in LA who love to drink and/or create craft wines. Our first project is to create a unique craft wine with Saarloos & Sons winery. Future plans will include craft wine dinners and events, along with additional wine collaborations with small, independent and family owned wineries.

How did this come about?
The #CraftWineLA project came about by a chance meeting between Matt and Keith several years ago at the tasting room. Through some creative collaboration they curated a couple of awesome wine tasting events together in LA. Keith, who’s also from the Bellflower/Long Beach area mentioned how rad it would be to create a wine specifically for Dig Lounge and Los Angeles. I started to think about the craft beer movement and wonder why we don’t have “craft” wine in LA. It’s about time the craft wine movement came together in Los Angeles. So we created #CraftWineLA.

Where does my money go?
Your money goes into the actual production of a barrel of wine. You get a limited edition bottle(s) of wine in return for your investment and tickets to the pick-up party to meet with the wine makers.

What is your investment goal?
We aim to be 100% transparent with were you money goes. Dig Lounge is investing the first $486 (Wino Case). The group investment minimum is close to an additional $12,000 to become 100% funded. This will cover the cost of making the wine, additional wine for the tasting party, the tasting party location fees, marketing expenses, and PayPal transaction fees. But if we fall a little short, we’ll more than likely move forward with the bottling anyway.

Who’s making the wine?
The wine is conceived by food and wine blogger Matt Mitchell, in partnership with Saarloos & Sons Winery. Located in Los Olivos CA., they are pretty bad ass and make great wine. Read about them here.

What kind of wine is it?
It will be a Rhone blend, similar to a GSM. That’s Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre. The grapes will be sourced from the Ballard Canyon AVA of Santa Barbara. This will be a 100% Estate wine. It will embody the essence of Southern California. Adventurous, diverse, lush, fragrant and smooth.

What if I don’t like the wine?
By making a donation you understand that you are buying wine futures and there are no guarantees or refunds. If you have ever had Saarloos wines then you know that won’t be an issue.

What about the label?
We will be holding a label design contest once the project is funded. The label will be designed by a local artist with something that embodies the spirit of Los Angeles.

Where will the pick-up party be?
Got your outfit picked out already? We are in the process of securing a location for the pick-up party. It will be in the Los Angeles area. Got a location? Send us a note!

When will the wine be ready to pick up?
Easy tiger… The wine will be bottled in August of 2014 and ready for pick up in February/March of 2015.

Where can I pick the wine up?
Wine will be available for pick up at the pick-up party or the winery tasting room (after the party) in Los Olivos. But please, don’t drink and drive.

Do I have to be over 21?
Yes. But thanks anyway jail bait.

I don’t live in California, can I still buy the wine?
Sorry, this offer is for California residents only. Wine must be picked up at the pick-up party or tasting room. We will NOT be able to ship the wine.

What are the donation levels?
Donation levels are available on the home page.

Do I need a Paypal Account?
No, once you get directed to Paypal click the link that says “Pay with a debit or credit card”. Paypal accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Amex.

Why are you charging tax?
Because we are required to pay 8% tax rates on all sales through the winery.

I’m I charged immediately?
Yes, once you make your donation the payment is processed. Don’t worry, we’ll keep it safe over the interwebs.

What if you don’t hit your funding goal?
How could you even doubt us?! If we fall short of our funding goal, we will either make up the difference out of our own pockets or provide a full refund.

What happens if you make more than your funding goal?
Our goal is to fund the project first and make a single barrel of wine. If we are able to fund additional barrels, then slap my knee, wouldn’t that be sumptin’?

You didn’t answer my question!
Please feel free to send us an email with any questions!